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I have a backup/failover station to which I fail over to manually, the transition is absolutely transparent so I plan my updates once a month in that way. It’s also not an option to do a failover every 2 days, it’s quite a stressful and time consuming exercise and don’t have the free time evenings for this. Surely I can’t be the only person in my situation. If there is a way with the Pro edition to manually manage updates then I would buy it , I would hope to be able to do this with the local group policies, if those continue to exist. On my other 3 computers it really doesn’t matter but no one touches my station computer. I am also not happy that my computers should be managed by a 3rd party company.

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  • Set device installation settings to “No”, went into the “Windows Update” folder in the task scheduler and disabled all the triggers for each of the tasks.
  • This is the best method to completely disable Windows Update in Windows 10.
  • Went into the “Update Orchestrator” folder in the task scheduler and deleted all the tasks for the Update Assistant and Update Assistant Calendar Run.
  • However, after the pause limit is reached, you’ll need to install the latest updates before you pause updates again.

So follow the below instructions carefully and for more safety, it’s better to back up your PC before approaching. If you select this option, then you can see the available updates under Settings→ Update and security → Windows update and you can choose what to download or not. When the update thing comes up, its usually an automatic task which is triggered when you leave your device unattended for sometime. Windows should theoratically not download updates over metered connections and for me it doesn’t. Other than that it could simply be a bug of Windows 10, because there are many many bugs in this.

Then i created a free vpn account and whenever i need to download updates, i connect to the vpn and download them. I found this to be the best option because i am in full control of when and if i want to install an update.

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If you select ‘Notify for download and notify for install’ then you will be notified each time if any updates are available and then you can choose whether you want to download it or not. You can stop windows 10 automatic updates by registry editor. It’s not anything so tough but one thing you must have to keep in mind if you mess up the things while editing, then your computer can crush.

There are two alternative ways to turn off the Windows update. One where the updates are only stopped from automatically downloading and the other where they are entirely disabled and a manual check won’t work either. The latest version of Windows 10 allows you to pause the automatic updates up to 35 days. To temporarily disable automatic updates on your Windows machine, follw the below steps. If you ever want to see which automatic updates you prohibited, choose “show hidden updates” instead of “hide updates” on the initial screen.

This will reveal the list of hidden updates and give you the option of unchecking them. So it’s no big deal if you change your mind later. If your computer is running on Windows 10 Pro then you can use the Local Group Policy editor to disable automatic updates permanently or decide when updates should install. So, if you want Windows always to notify you about an available update, you need to set the value as 2. Configuring Windows 10 to notify you before downloading updates is the best way to disable automatic updates as the updates won’t be downloaded without your knowledge. Since, when 1607 first came out messed with my gaming computer What I personally ended up doing was configure a free dns service and block all Microsoft sites for my entire home network.

How to stop automatic updates on Windows 10

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From then onward, Windows will not automatically check for and download updates. The same will be reflected by a note on the Advanced settings page under Windows update settings.